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John BARHAM (c1587-1640)

and Elizabeth DUNMOLL (c1590-1638)


John Barham and Elizabeth Dunmoll married on 16 May 1610 at St. Saviour's, Southwark in London.  (They were not my direct ancestors, but their son John married the sister of one of my direct ancestors.)  John and Elizabeth were said to be cousins.

John Barham may have been born in 1587.  He was the eldest and only son of John Barham (c1563-c1590) and Elizabeth Willard (c1565-c1633).  His 3 sisters had been baptised in Maidstone, but his baptism has not been found there and it is thought he may have been baptised in Wadhurst.  He was a gentleman of Shoesmiths in Wadhurst.  It was recorded in the Manor of Mayfield Court Book that John was 10 years old in 1597.  Under the terms of his father's Will, his Uncle Edmond Willard was appointed his guardian until he reached the age of 24.  In 1611, the year he attained his majority, he purchased the Shoesmiths estate from William Fowle of Lightlands, gentleman of Frant, by deed dated 20 December 1611.  (William Fowle was my 11x Great Grandfather.)  John's will was dated 23 March 1638/9 and proved on 5 March 1639/40 by his second son and executor, John Barham.  He was buried on 13 February 1639/40.  He built Shoesmiths and in an account of the property from 1778 the inscription "J.E.B. 1630" could be seen over the south door of the house.  A further inscription was also noted at that time, "B.J.L. 1695" on the apex of a gable end.

Shoesmiths, near Wadhurst, 1785

Taken from:

Elizabeth Dunmoll may have been born about 1590-3 and was the daughter of John Dunmoll a gentleman of Wadhurst, and/or of Seale, Kent and Dorothy Fowle.  (Dorothy was the sister of William Fowle, who sold Shoesmiths to John Barham.)  John Dunmoll's will was dated 18 January 1624/5, in which he mentioned his son-in-law John Barham and brother-in-law William Fowle.  Elizabeth was buried on 1 June 1638 in Wadhurst.


John Barham and Elizabeth Dunmoll had 10 known children:

  1. Dorothy Barham was baptised on 16 February 1611/2 in Wadhurst.  She was left 20 by her brother John, to be paid once his son reached the age of 21.  She was buried on 13 December 1655 in Wartling.

    Dorothy married David Hart a gentleman of Wartling, on 13 December 1638 in Frant.  They married as David Heart and Dorothy Barrham.

    David may have been baptised on 1 June 1617 in Hooe, Sussex, as the son of Thomas Heart.  He was buried on 20 December 1678 in Wartling.

    David and Dorothy had at least 1 known child:

    1. Thomas Hart was of Wartling and his parents heir.

  2. Stephen Barham was born about 1615.  He was aged 25 in 1639/40.  He was left, by his father, "my messuage and all my lands and tenements in Maidstone", with the underwoods then growing on his woodgrounds at Verredge.  In 1642 Stephen contributed 2 shillings to the relief of the Irish Protestants.  He was mentioned in the 1644 Will of Nicholas Barham (c1559-1645) who was his father's Uncle.  He was also left 20 by his brother John.  Stephen's will was dated 25 October 1669.  He was buried as Mr. Stephen Barham at Wadhurst on 18 February 1672/3.

    Stephen married Frances Humphrey on 5 May 1640 at St. Nicholas, Rochester in Kent.

    Frances was buried on 29 September 1675 in Wadhurst.

    Stephen and Frances had 6 known children:

    1. Elizabeth Barham was baptised on 18 March 1640/1 in Wadhurst.  She was mentioned in her father's will.  She was buried on 12 May 1703 in Wadhurst, as the daughter of Mr. Stephen Barham and Frances.

    2. Steve Barham was baptised on 27 April 1645 in Wadhurst and probably died as an infant.

    3. Stephen Barham was baptised on 2 April 1646 in Wadhurst.  He was mentioned in his father's will.

    4. John Barham was mentioned in his father's Will, but died before his father.  He was buried on 8 December 1672 in Wadhurst.

    5. Nicholas Barham was the youngest son and was baptised on 2 November 1651 in Wadhurst.  He was buried on 17 October 1689 in Wadhurst as Mr. Nicholas Barham son of Mr. Stephen Barham.

      Nicholas married Mary Brightridge of Warbleton on 18 December 1677 at Dallington.

      Nicholas and Mary had at least 6 known children and possibly 8:

      1. Mary Barham was baptised on 24 April 1679 in Wadhurst.

      2. John Barham was baptised on 17 July 1681 in Wadhurst and probably died as an infant.

      3. Nicholas Barham was baptised on 1 June 1683 in Wadhurst.  He was of Speldhurst, Kent, and was granted administration of the estate of John Barham (1642-1724) of Shoesmiths, his father's first cousin, on 9 December 1727 - see further down this page.

      4. John Barham was baptised on 13 July 1685 in Wadhurst.

      5. Ann Barham was baptised on 27 December 1687 in Wadhurst.

      6. A still born daughter was buried on 28 October 1689 in Wadhurst

      7. Joseph Barham son of Nicholas Barham's widow was buried on 22 November 1690 in Wadhurst, as an infant.

      8. Mary Barham daughter of Nicholas Barham's widow was buried on 22 November 1690 in Wadhurst, as an infant.

        (If a still born daughter was buried 11 days after her father, I don't see how Joseph and Mary were Nicholas's children!)

    6. Ann Barham was mentioned in her father's Will.

  3. John Barham was baptised on 24 August 1617 in Wadhurst.  He died on 5 December 1648 and was buried on 7 December 1648 in the Chancel of Wadhurst Church, under an armorial iron slab.  The inscription reads "HEER LYETH THE BODYE OF IOHN BARHAM OF SHOOSMITHES GENT WHO DIED THE FIFT DAY OF DECEMBAR 1648".  His Will was dated 4 December 1648 and proved on 7 December 1648, with administration grated to his wife Elizabeth.  Amongst various bequests he left 20s. to each of his servants and 10s. to Goodwife Sharpe who attended him in his sickness.  His Will was witnessed by William Barham, William Kinge, John Sands and Constance Sharpe.  John succeeded to the Shoesmiths Estate.  He was mentioned in the 1644 Will of Nicholas Barham (c1559-1645) who was his father's Uncle.

    John married Elizabeth Barham on 8 June 1639 at Frant.

    Elizabeth was the younger daughter of Nicholas Barham (?-1652) of Butts, and Mary Barham (?-1673), daughter of John Barham (c1525-c1585) of Bivelham.

    John and Elizabeth had 4 known children:

    1. John Barham was born at Shoesmiths and baptised on 7 May 1641 in Wadhurst.  He was buried on 11 May 1641 in Wadhurst.

    2. John Barham was born about 1642/3 at Shoesmiths and he was the last Barham at Shoesmith.  He was bequeathed 5 in the Will of his Grandfather Nicholas Barham (?-1652).  In 1699 and/or 1701-2 he was High Sheriff of Sussex.  John died aged 82 years on 10 March 1723/4 and was buried on 16 March 1723/4.  His Will was dated 6 October 1697 in which he appointed his wife Lucy as the sole executrix.  The Will was not proved until 4 years after his death, on 9 December 1727, with administration of the estate granted to Nicholas Barham, his first cousin once removed.

      At the age of about 51, John married Lucy Chantellor by licence on 14 February 1694/6 in Wadhurst.

      Lucy was baptised on 25 January 1663/4 in Laughton and was the daughter of John Chauntler of Laughton and Elizabeth Button (see notes below for details about the Chauntlers and Buttons).  By John's Will, he left his estate to his wife and she in turn Willed the estate to her nephew George Egles of Uckfield.  Lucy died within her husband's life-time and was buried on 2 October 1716 in Wadhurst.  However, another source seems to imply that Lucy survived her husband and married a Puxty.  Lucy's will was proved on 10 January 1726/7.

      John and Lucy had 2 known children:

      1. Elizabeth Barham was born at Shoesmiths and baptised on 6 March 1695/6 in Wadhurst.  She died of consumption on 20 September 1712 at the age of 16 and was buried on 24 September 1712.  She had been betrothed to Sir Walter Parker of Ratton.

      2. John Barham was born at Shoesmiths at sunrise on the morning of 14 May 1699.  He was buried on 12 September 1699 in Wadhurst.

      There is a large marble wall memorial to John and Lucy within Wadhurst Church.

    3. Mary Barham was born at Shoesmiths and baptised on 17 June 1645 in Wadhurst.  She was buried on 6 September 1647 in Wadhurst.

    4. Elizabeth Barham was born 3 April 1649 at Shoesmiths in Wadhurst, after her father's death.  She was left 5 in the Will of her Grandfather Nicholas Barham (?-1652).

      Elizabeth married Nicholas Fowle of Riverhall on 2 August 1666 in Westham, Sussex.

      Nicholas was baptised on 27 May 1634 in Frant, as the son of William Fowle and Mary Bishop.  He died of Small Pox and was buried on 17 July 1710 in Wadhurst.  His son-in-law also died of Small Pox and was buried on the same day.

      Nicholas and Elizabeth had at least 3 known children:

      1. Nicholas Fowle was the heir to Riverhall.  One source says that he, rather than his father, died of Small Pox in 1710.  But another source says that he died before his father as he was described as deceased in his father's Will.

      2. Ann Fowle was of Riverhall.  She married Thomas Wykes.  After the death of her Uncle John Barham in 1724, a Bill of Complaint was filed in the Court of the Exchequer at Westminster by Thomas Wykes, against George Egles, Nicholas Fowle, Nicholas Barham and other defendants.

      3. Catherine Fowle married Nicholas Barham (1661-1710) on 1 January 1702 in Wadhurst.

  4. Elizabeth Barham was baptised on 23 April 1620 in Wadhurst, when her father was described as John Barham of Fayercrooche.  Her father bequeathed her 400 at 21 or the day of her marriage.  She was also left 20 by her brother John, once his son reached the age of 21.  She married Mr. Moore and was living in 1652.

  5. Thomas Barham was born at Shoesmiths and baptised on 7 April 1622 in Wadhurst.  He was buried on 8 October 1627 in Wadhurst.

  6. William Barham was born at Shoesmiths and baptised on 19 September 1624.  He died as an infant.

  7. Nicholas Barham was baptised on 4 February 1626/7 in Wadhurst.  His father bequeathed him 400 at the age of 21.  He also received 20 under the terms of his brother John's Will.  His Will was dated 3 February 1651/2 and proved on 16 February 1651/2, in which he styled himself as "of Saviors, Southwarke in Surrey".  He mentioned his sister Dorothy Hart and her husband, his sister-in-law Elizabeth Barham, and his sister Elizabeth More and her husband.  He appointed his brother William Barham as his executor.

  8. William Barham was baptised on 24 November 1629 in Wadhurst.  His father left him 400 at age 21.  Like his brother Nicholas he was left 20 by his brother John.  John's wife Elizabeth was appointed William's guardian.  His Will was dated 10 October 1700 and proved at Lewes on 16 April 1702.  He then styled himself as William Barham of Riverhall.  He was buried on 30 January 1701/2 as Mr. William Barham of Shoesmiths.  Did he marry Narell Mapsden on 9 September 1646?  (A William Barham was born in 1623, and another William Barham was also born about that time.)

  9. A son was buried on 20 January 1634/5 in Wadhurst.

  10. Thomas Barham was born at Shoesmiths and baptised on 7 May 1637 or 1638 in Wadhurst.  He was buried on 7 October 1639 in Wadhurst.




The following has been taken from SAC vol.56, pages 148-151:

14 December 1597 - At a Court of the Manor of Mayfield, it was reported that John Barham, who held certain lands called Barckley containing ten acres, and other Customary lands, bequeathed the same to John Barham his son, and appointed one Edmond Willard, uncle of the said John Barham the son who was then and still is under age, viz. now of the age of ten years, to have the custody of the said John and of the aforesaid lands until he came of age ... who was accordingly admitted to same.

29 June 1631 - The name of John Barham occurs in the report of the Commissioners for Knighthood Compositions", as one of those "which have not agreed to paie their fines for their not attending at his Majesty's Coronacon".  Among the gentry of Sussex, who also declined the honour of knighthood on this occasion were Nicholas Maunser of Hightown, Wadhurst (second cousin to John Barham of Shoesmiths - see note below) and George Courthope of Whiligh (first cousin to David Barham of Snape)

1640 - Under the terms of John Barham's Will, he settled his landed property in Wadhurst and Maidstone, on his two elder sons.  He left 400 to each of his younger sons, desiring "that they be bound out to honest and able Masters to learne some such good trades as my Overseers shall think fit".


The Chauntlers and Buttons

Elizabeth Button, daughter of Arthur Button of Baldees in Wadhurst, first married Gabriel Egles of Ticehurst, by who she had a son, Gabriel Egles of Copwood in Uckfield, gent.  He was baptised on 4 September 1642 in Ticehurst and married Mary Rideout daughter of William Rideout of Mayfield.  Their son George Egles was baptised on 18 September 1688 in Wadhurst and he succeeded under the Will of Lucy Barham, nee Chauntler to much of the Barham lands.  Lucy was the daughter of John Chauntler and Elizabeth ButtonGeorge Egles resided at Shoesmiths until his death in December 1752, by which time he had squandered away the estate.  By his Will dated 2 September 1752 he left the residue of his estate to Alexander Courthope of Horsemonden.  He was buried on 16 December 1752 in Wadhurst.


Seems I got a bit muddled with the Chauntlers or Chandlers and Buttons and have been corrected as follows:


"Dear Mrs Willard,


Page headed:  John Barham 1587-1640.

Under the heading (3) John Barham 1617-1648

(ii) I note that you still have Elizabeth Alchorne as the mother of Lucy Chandler later Barham.

Elizabeth Alchorne was the daughter of Alexander Alchorne and married John Chandler in 1657.  Her daughter Dinah later married Wm. Benge.  This was her only daughter as she died in 1659.

John Chandler's next wife was also Elizabeth.  She was the wife born Button with the son Gabriel Egles and daughter Lucy later Barham.  Lucy and Dinah were half sisters.

I wish you could correct these facts on your website, please.  Your are perpetuating incorrect facts.  My information comes from their Wills and the court book of the day.




I stand corrected and think I have amended the offending facts.  I would point out that I not claiming to be a professional genealogist, nor do I charge anyone to read anything in my website and I do on every page urge people to check the data for themselves.  I'm not perfect and, therefore, do expect to get things wrong from time to time.  Family history is one of my hobbies and I make no money or income from this website or the data it contains.


Nicholas Mauncer

In 1631 Nicholas Mauncer was said to be the second cousin to John Barham of Shoesmiths, but how?  Presumably they shared Great Grandparents.

He may have been born about 1584 in Burwash, Sussex and have married Elizabeth Hepden on 12 September 1609 in Lewes, Sussex.

A Nicholas Manser, yeoman of Wadhurst, provided surety on the marriage licence dated 29 April 1624, of John Barham and Judith Hepden.  They married on 1 May 1624 in Burwash.

Scragoak had originally been owned by the Mauncer's of High Town, before passing to the Barham's.



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