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John BARHAM (c1563-1590)

Henry HART (c1560-1625)

and Elizabeth WILLARD (c1565-c1633)


John Barham and Elizabeth Willard married before or about 1584.  (They were not my direct ancestors, but one of their Grandson's married the sister of one of my direct ancestors.)  Elizabeth married for a second time to Henry Hart, Gentleman of Sellinge, Kent, before 1601. 

John Barham may have been born by about 1563 and he was of Maidstone, Kent.  He was the second son of John Barham (c1535-1583) of Fayercrouch and Alice Isted.  His Will was dated 20 September 1589 and proved on 11 February 1590/1 by his brother-in-law Edmond Willard.

Henry Hart's Will was dated 22 August 1625 and proved on 28 September 1625 at Canterbury, by his son William Hart, in which provision was made for his wife Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth Willard was the daughter of David Willard an Iron Master.  Elizabeth died before 17 October 1633 as on that day Letters of Administration were granted to her son John Barham.  The document describes her as "Elizabeth Hart, als Barham, late of Smeeth, co. Kent, widow, deceased".


John Barham and Elizabeth Willard had 4 known children:

  1. Alice Barham was baptised on either 19 July 1583 (according to the IGI) or 9 July 1584 (according to SAC vol.56)  in Maidstone.  She married John Goldfinch of Sellinge, Kent by licence dated 11 July 1609.  She was mentioned in her father's Will and was to receive 100 at the age of 21 or on the day of her marriage.

  2. Elizabeth Barham was baptised on 3 October 1585.  She was mentioned in her father's Will and was to receive 100 at the age of 21 or on the day of her marriage.

  3. John Barham (c1587-1640) married Elizabeth Dunmoll (c1590-1638) in 1610.  (They have their own page.)

  4. Margaret Barham was baptised on 1 April 1590.  She married Reginald Keale of Smeeth, yeoman, by licence dated 13 August 1613.  She was not born when her father made his Will, but he bequeath 100 "to the Childe wch my wif nowe goeth wthall, yf yt be a woman Childe".


Henry Hart and Elizabeth Willard had 4 known children:

  1. Ann Hart was baptised on 21 January 1601 in Monks Horton, Kent.  She was mentioned in her father's Will.  Ann married Walter Mantell on 1 August 1626 in Monks Horton.  He was baptised on 3 February 1605 in Monks Horton and was the son of Walter Mantell and Catherine Turney.  Walter was buried in Sellinge on 4 March 1676.  Walter and Ann had 6 known children.

  2. William Hart was born about 1603.  He was mentioned as brother-in-law in the 1639 Will of John Barham of Shoesmith.

  3. Henry Hart was born about 1605.  He married before or about 1639 and he and his wife had 2 known children.  Might he have married Agnes Halke on 23 January 1629 in Sellinge?

  4. Mary Hart was born about 1607.


Many thanks to Greg for additions to this page.  Please view his database at RootsWeb, entitled Devon & English Genealogy, for more details about the descendants of Henry Hart and Elizabeth Willard.




The following has been taken from SAC vol.56, pages 146-8:

Under the terms of John Barham, senior's 1583 Will, his second son John Barham, was bequeathed 30 "to make vpp the hundred poundes whiche I promysed him", together with "All my Landes in Frante and certeyne of my free and copyhoulde Landes in Wadhurst called Myllands Holmehedges and Barkley Mill, with the Tooles and ymplementes vnto Brokeland forge belonging, How be itt myne executor shall have my fforge called Veredge forge ... and all my Landes call Veredge, excepte so muche thereof as lyeth vnder water in Barklye Millponde, for ffyve yeares next ensuinge my deceasse".

John Barham, junior's 1589 Will left 100 to his daughters Alice and Elizabeth, which would increase to 200 "yf my said Landes happen to fall and come to my saide two brothers Nicholas Barham and Thomas Barham", i.e. by the death without surviving issue of John Barham his son and heir, to whom he left all his houses, lands and woods, "whatsoever and wheresoever within the Counties of Kente and Sussex".  He also left 40s. to the poor of Maidstone, 20s. to the poor of Tonbridge and 20s. to the poor of Wadhurst.  His brother-in-law Edmond Willard was named as executor and received "the residue of all my goodes and Cattalls whatsoever, stocke of Iron, Coale, sowes, and all other my goodes ... to see my will proved, my Debts and legacies paide, and to employ the ovrplus towards the Advancement and Livinge and honest godly and vertuous bringinge vpp of my children".  As overseers he appointed his brother Thomas Barham and two brother-in-laws, John Willard and Abraham Willard.