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John BARHAM (c1500-bef 1555)

and Thomasyn (?-?)


John Barham and Thomasyn were my 13x Great Grandparents.  They may have married before 1533.

John Barham may have been born by about 1500.  He was the second son of Nicholas Barham (c1450-aft 1502).  He was an Iron Maker of Woodlande and Buttes in Wadhurst.  He had purchased Buttes in 1533.  He also founded extensive works near Bayham Abbey in Lamberhurst (later known as Gloucester Furnace) which were said to be the largest iron-manufactory in Sussex.  He also owned Brookland Forge in Frant, which he purchased from Humphrey Lewknor by deed dated 10 February 1520/1, together with Barkley Mill and Verredge Forge on the borders of Frant and Wadhurst.  In the Subsidy Roll of 1543 he was indicated to be the wealthiest inhabitant in Wadhurst.  Other properties owned/held by John were:  104 acres in the Virgate of Pell called Woodland and Sowthland; 157 acres in the Virgate of Stedyngligh;  6 acres in the Virgate of Wyke;  Bengerede and Bengerede Croft adjacent to the King's way leading from Wadhurst towards Suresberge;  Dedemanscroft and other lands in the Virgate of Stalerege.  His Will was dated 1 May 1551 and proved on 19 June 1555, by his eldest son and executor.

Thomasyn was living in 1551 and was then left an annuity in her husband's Will.  Her husband's Will also directed that she should have a Chamber in the Mansion House called Woodlande's.


John Barham and Thomasyn had 7 known children:

  1. Nicholas Barham (c1533-bef 1599) - my 12x Great Grandfather, married unknown.  (They have their own page.)

  2. John Barham (c1535-1583) married Alice Isted before 1555.  (They have their own page.)  (They were not my direct ancestors, but their Great Grandson married the sister of my direct ancestor.)

  3. Thomas Barham may have been born about 1537.  He was the third son.  He died in 1595 in Boughton Monchelsey, Kent.  His Will was dated 28 August 1595 and proved at Canterbury on 26 September 1595.  He married Mildred Franckelyn between 1563 and 1572.  She was the daughter of Thomas Franckelyn of East Sutton in Kent and sister of John Franckelyn of Charte in Kent.  She had previously been married to George Roberts (?-1563) a Gentleman of Moatlands in Brenchley, Kent, as his second wife.  Thomas and Mildred had 4 known children:

    1. Robert Barham may have been born about 1570 in Boughton Monchelsey.  He was his father's heir and was of East Hall in Boughton Monchelsey, which had been built by his father in 1594.  In 1619 he recorded his Arms and signed his Pedigree as grandson of John Berham of Buttes the Iron-maker.  He may have died in 1621 or 1631.  He married Susanna Sare by Licence dated 7 January 1594/5 at Canterbury, Kent.  She was born about 1575 at Norton, Kent and was the daughter of Thomas Sare Gentleman of Provender in Norton.  Robert and Susanna had 14 known children.

    2. Thomas Barham may have been born between 1565 and 1572 in Boughton Monchelsey.  He died on 6 June 1609 in Maidstone, Kent.  He married twice.  Firstly to Marie King on 30 October 1593 in Maidstone, by whom he had 1 known daughter:

      1. Mary Barham.  She married George Maplesden in 1626.  He was the son of Edward Maplesden and Alice Barham, who was the daughter of John Barham (c1535-c1583) and Alice Isted.  

      Secondly, Thomas Barham married Mary Curteys on 4 September 1600 in Maidstone.

    3. Richard Barham may have been born about 1574 in Broughton Monchelsey.  He died on 8 January 1605/6.  He married Joane Wilcocks on 10 April 1601 in Canterbury.

    4. Mildred Barham may have been born about 1576.  She married Thomas Ayerste a Gentleman of Maidstone by Licence dated 13 January 1600/1.

    Thomas inherited, from his father, "landes and tenements lying in Pepynbery and Tunbridge, called Springells and Southlandes".  In 1583 he was the overseaer of his brother John's Will, and in 1591 he was appointed executor by Nicholas Durrant of Wadhurst.

  4. Alice Barham may have been born about 1539 at Butts in Wadhurst.  She may have married Alexander Peene on 15 February 1578 in Burwash, Sussex.

  5. Elizabeth Barham may have been born about 1540.

  6. Richard Barham may have been born about 1541.  He was of Lamberhurst Mill and Wateringbury near Maidstone.  He was a Clothier.  Richard died in 1602.  His Will was dated 16 March 1601/2 and proved at Rochester on 24 April 1602.  He married Elizabeth Bettes in about 1582.  She was the daughter and co-heir of John Bettes a Maltster of Wouldham, Kent.  Richard's descendants were living at Wiskitts Farm in Lamberhurst in 1715.

  7. Robert Barham may have been born about 1543.  He inherited Wiskers or Wiskitts and Lamberhurst Mill from his father, which he conveyed to his brother Richard by deed dated 9 March 1578/9.  He was mentioned in the 1595 Will of Magnus Fowle of Mayfield.




The IGI has that John married Thomasyn in about 1543/4/5 and that he was of Broughton, Kent and born in about 1524 and died in 1595.  Another entry in the IGI has John marrying Thomasyn in 1574.  Yet another IGI entry says he was born about 1518 and married in 1540.  To my mind the IGI is wrong, and I tend to believe the article in SAC vol.56 is a closer version, on which I have based the above family group.


A note on page 148 of SAC vol.56, states that John Barham of Woodlande, purchased Barkley Mill from Robert Lewknor in 1536.  This was then bequeathed by John Barham of Fayercrouch in 1583 to his second son John Barham of Maidstone.

The first mentioned John Barham was (c1500-bef 1555) - as above.

The second his son John Barham (c1535-c1583). 

The third his grandson John Barham (c1563-c1590).



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