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John BARHAM (c1452-?)

and Agnes BROWN (c1450-?)


John Barham and Agnes Brown were my 14x Great Grandparents.

John Barham may have been born in about 1452 at Bivelham in Wadhurst.  He was the youngest son of Richard Berham (c1425-bef 1480) and Anna Busse.  He was his father's heir.  (See notes below.)

Agnes Brown may also have been born in the 1450's.  She was the daughter of Thomas Brown.


John Barham and Agnes Brown had 1 or 2 known children:

  1. William Barham (c1472-bef 1522) - my 13x Great Grandfather, married unknown.  (They have their own page.)

  2. John Barham may have been part of this family.  He was alive on 1 May 1521




The following has been taken from SAC vol.56, page 126:

17 May 1480 - John Westburn, the Seneschal, reported that on the previous 27th of January John Berham, son and heir of Richard Berham deceased, came to him at Battle (apud Bellum) and surrendered into the lord's hand the reversion of a house and 60 acres of land called Upper Comden, except a field called Waters comden, to which he was entitled on the death of his mother Anne.  Whereupon the lord, by his Seneschal, granted the said house and lands to the same John, and to Agnes his wife, the daughter of Thomas Broun, and their heirs.

The article in SAC vol. 56, goes on to say that the above John Barham was the ancestor of the Barham family of Bivelham alias Snape in Wadhurst which was probably the ancient Court Lodge of the Manor.  His descendents were John Barham son of William Barham, and David Barham who died in 1644, son of John Barham and Mary Courthope

The article does not give an exact pedigree from John (c1452-?) down to David (1581-1644), but my interpretation of the information lends me to believe the line to run thus:  John (1452) > William (1472) > William (1497) > John (1525) > David (1581).  However, I'm not certain.  Was John really close on 60 years old when his son David was born?  And what of the age gap between 1452 John and his son 1472 William?  Might William have been born later than 1472 and then his son later than 1497?  Or might William 1472 and 1497 be one and the same?



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