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David BARHAM (1629-1695)

and Ann (?-1689)


David Barham and Ann were my 9x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They may have married sometime before or about 1655 in Wadhurst or the surrounding area.  No marriage has been found for them in the Sussex marriage index or the IGI.

David Barham was a twin and the youngest son of David Barham (c1581-1644) and Helen Fowle.  He and his twin sister Helen Barham were baptised on 3 June 1629 in Wadhurst.  David was of Snape.  He was the first cousin of William Barham of Scragoak.  As he was a minor at the death of his father a Mr Holland was appointed his guardian.  David was buried on 12 December 1695 in Wadhurst.    The Public Records Office does not seem to hold a will for David.

Ann's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She was buried on 15 January 1688/9 in Wadhurst and her initials "AB 1688" appear on her father-in-law's commemorative Iron Slab within Wadhurst Church.  According to the article in SAC vol.56, her father's coat of arms may have been a "cheveron between three (?) eagles' heads erased".  The article does not give her maiden name, nor any other details of her parentage.  A search of the web finds that the armorial description is that of the Casey family, but the creatures on the iron slab may not be eagles.  Another possibility is that she was an Austen, which is a name found in Wadhurst, whereas, I'm not aware of any Casey's in the area.  Or might she have been a Honeywood?  (John Baker and Edward Honywood were Lords of the Manor of Frant from 1634-56).


David Barham and Ann had 6 known children:

  1. Ann Barham was baptised on 10 August 1655 in Wadhurst and buried there on 21 May 1675.  A commemorative iron slab has been laid within Wadhurst Church to her memory, which reads "HERE LYETH THE BODY OF ANN BARHAM DAVGHTER OF DAVID BARHAM OF SNAPE GENT WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE THE 18 DAY OF MAY ANNO DOMINI 1675".  Two coats of arms are depicted on the slab, one of her father which is recognizably that of the Barhams and another thought to be of her mother's family, as noted above.

  2. A stillborn child was buried on 10 August 1657 in Wadhurst.

  3. Elizabeth Barham was baptised on 31 July 1661 in Jevington, Sussex.  She was buried on 20 January 1663/4 in Wadhurst.

  4. David Barham was baptised on 8 October 1663 in Wadhurst.  He may have been buried on 24 December 1726 in Wadhurst and he may have married Sarah Wallis on 20 April 1697 in Penshurst, Kent.  BUT, there was another David Barham baptised 1658, Wadhurst, the son of John Barham (1617-1697) and Mary Ivore, widow (1625-1706).

  5. Thomas Barham, my 8x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 19 July 1666 in Wadhurst.  He married Catherine Oliver (1666-1733) in 1690.  (They have their own page.)

  6. Catherine Barham was baptised on 18 June 1669 in Wadhurst and buried there on 2 or 4 April 1673.




The following has been taken from SAC vol.56, page 127-128:

26 April 1644 - David Barham youngest son of David Barham, was presented at Court as the heir to his father's copyhold lands.

27 October 1680 - David Barham the younger surrendered his lands of Bivelham alias Snape to his first cousin William Barham of Scrag Oak, who by his Will dated 20 November 1697 settled the same lands upon his Godson and kinsman William Barham first son of Thomas Barham, son of David Barham late of Snape.



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