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James BARDEN (1812-1879)

and Mary BARROW (1814-1890)


James Barden and Mary Barrow were married by banns on 27 August 1835 in Heathfield, Sussex.  They were then both of Heathfield and both made their marks.  The witnesses were James Barrow (signed) and Sarah Barrow (marked).  (They were not my direct ancestors.  James was the Nephew of my 4x Great Grandfather, Edward Boorman, and Mary was the Great Grand Niece of my 6x Great Grandmother, Frances Monk.)

James Barden was born on 1 May and baptised on 31 May 1812 in Burwash, Sussex.  He was the son of John Barden (1777-1855) and Naomi Boorman (1778-1850).  James died on 25 August 1879 in Burwash.

Mary Barrow was born on 16 October 1814 in Heathfield, Sussex.  She was the daughter of William Barrow (1777-1862) and Lucy Dearing (1783-1859).  Mary died on 2 June 1890 in Burwash.


James Barden and Mary Barrow had 11 known children:

  1. Bathsheba Barden was baptised on 20 March 1836 in Heathfield.  In 1851 she was a servant at Pugshole Farm in Burwash, the home of her grandfather, John Barden.

  2. Betsey Barden was baptised on 13 August 1837 in Heathfield.  In 1851 she was a servant in the home of James Bruds, a coal merchant and brewer at 23 High Street in Hastings.  By 1861 she was a nurse.

  3. John William Barden was baptised on 14 April 1839 in Heathfield.  When the 1841 census was recorded he was living with his maternal grandparents in Heathfield.  In 1851 he was living with his elder sister in the home of his paternal grandfather.  John was an agricultural labourer.  He died on 31 December 1901 at Ponts Green and was buried on 4 January 1902 in Burwash.

    John William married Thomasine Potten on 28 November 1863 in Burwash.  She was born about 1838 in Burwash and was the daughter of John Potton.  Thomasine died in 1907.

    John William and Thomasine had the following children:

    1. Mary Barden was born about 1865 in Burwash.

    2. Annie Barden was born about 1867 in Burwash.  She was a general domestic servant in 1881.

    3. Harriet Barden was born about 1869 in Burwash.

    4. Edith Barden was born in March 1871 in Burwash.

    5. Alice Barden was born about 1873 in Burwash.

    6. Frederick Barden was born about 1877 in Heathfield.

    7. Harry Barden was born about 1880 in Warbleton.

  4. Stephen Barden was baptised on 28 February 1841 in Heathfield.  In 1861 he was a servant at Battenhurst Farm in Ticehurst, the home of Thomas Barden, a farmer.

    Stephen married twice, firstly Philadelphia Oliver in 1868 in Hastings, and then to Jane Weston, widow in 1885 in Brighton.  As Jane Lade she had previously married Michael Weston on 11 January 1864 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

    Philadelphia was born about 1845 in Ticehurst, Sussex and was the daughter of Joseph Oliver (1806-?) and Philidelphia Balcomb (1811-?).  She died in 1884 in Ticehurst.

    Jane was baptised on 21 July 1839 in Mayfield, Sussex and was the daughter of John Lade (1810-?) and Sarah Apps (1812-?)

    Stephen and Philadelphia had 7 known children:

    1. James Barden was born about 1870 in Burwash.

    2. Mary Ann Barden was born about 1872 in Burwash.

    3. Charles Barden was born about 1874 in Burwash.

    4. Joseph Oliver Barden was born about 1875 in Burwash.

    5. Frederick Barden was born about 1877 in Burwash.

    6. John Barden was born about 1879 in Burwash.

    7. Albert Barden was born in February 1881 in Burwash.

  5. Rosina Barden was baptised on 29 January 1843 in Heathfield.  She was also known as Rose.

    Rosina married William Fairway on 26 April 1861 in Burwash.

    William was born about 1836 in Burwash and was the son of Henry Fairway (1792-?) and Esther Rogers (1795-?).  As a widower he married Mary Ann in 1888 in Steyning.

    William and Rosina had the following children:

    1. Henry W. Fairway was born about 1862 in Burwash.

    2. James Fairway was born about 1864 in Burwash.

    3. John Fairway was born about 1865 in Burwash.

    4. George T. Fairway was born about 1867 in Burwash.

    5. Sarah A. Fairway was born about 1869 in Burwash.

    6. Joseph L. Fairway was born about 1871 in Burwash.

    7. Ellen Fairway was born about 1875 in Burwash.

  6. Lucy Barden was baptised on 24 November 1844 in Heathfield.

  7. Mary Barden was baptised on 9 August 1846 in Heathfield.

  8. Harriet Barden was born on 30 March 1848 and baptised on 28 May 1848 in Heathfield.  She married John Vigor  in 1869 in Burwash.  (They have their own page.)

  9. Joanna Barden was baptised on 26 May 1850 in Heathfield.

  10. Ellen Barden was baptised on 31 October 1852 in Heathfield.  She married Sampson Moon in 1878.  They had at least 1 child:

    1. Amos Moon was born about 1880 in Burwash.

  11. Eliza Barden was baptised on 24 February 1856 in Heathfield.


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