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Andrew BACKE (1663-?)

and Barbara FULLER (1662-?)

and Elizabeth JONES (?-?)


Andrew Beck and Barbara Fuller were my 8x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 11 June 1689 at St. Pancras in Arlington, Sussex.  He was then of Folkington, Sussex and she of Arlington.

Andrew Backe was baptised on 11 December 1663 at St. Peter's in Folkington, Sussex.  He was the son of Henry Back (1630-1680) and Hannah Tourle (1638-1697).  Andrew and his wife were tenants on land in Arlington owned by the Folkington Estate.  From the will of Sir William Thomas of Folkington, dated 4 December 1702, comes the following extract "... a house, farm and lands in Hailsham and Arlington in occupation of Andrew Back and woods near adjoining called Highway lands, the Hopp garden, and the Ruffetts...".  And from another document dated 6 and 7 July 1722 "... a farm and lands in Hailsham and Arlington late in the tenure of Andrew Back and then widow Bodle...".  An earlier document dated 21 & 22 May 1711 mentions a house, farm and lands in Hailsham and Arlington late in the occupation of Andrew Back, with the woods adjoining called the Highway lands, the Hop garden and the Russetts.  In 1708, Andrew was named as the father of an illegitimate son by Elizabeth Jones.  This would seem to imply that Andrew died between July 1707 and May 1711.  On a modern day map, Highland Farm and Ruffet's Wood are near the Arlington Stadium and either side of Arlington Road West - by road about 2.5 to 3 miles from Arlington church, or about 2 miles to Hailsham church.

Barbary Fuller was baptised on 12 April 1662 in Willingdon, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Edward Fuller (1621-1673) and Barbara Bridger (1624-1673).  Her Christian name was recorded as Barbara when she married and against the baptism of their first child but as Margeriae against the baptisms of 3 further children.

Elizabeth Jones's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  As a spinster of Hellingly she married John Jones of Wilmington by licence on 1 January 1712/13 at St. John sub Castro in Lewes, Sussex.

Neither Andrew or Barbara appear to have been buried in Arlington or Folkington.  I am guessing they both died before 1711 and Barbara possibly before 1707.

A transcript of the Arlington burial register notes an Anne Back was buried there on 10 August 1735.


Andrew Backe and Barbara Fuller had 4 known children:

  1. Thomas Beck was baptised on 26 September 1691 in Folkington, Sussex.  The baptism register records that he was the son of Andrew and Barbara.

  2. Andrew Back was baptised on 6 June 1694 in Arlington.  The baptism register records that he was the son of Andreae and Margeriae.  Did he marry Ann Peckham on 14 April 1732 in Ringmer, Sussex?

  3. Daniel Beck, my 7x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 6 December 1696 in Arlington.  He married twice, firstly to Mary Reeve in 1723 and then to Ann.  (They have their own page.)

  4. Jana Beck was baptised on 12 December 1698 in Arlington.  The baptism register records that she was the daughter of Andreae and Margeriae.


Andrew Backe and Elizabeth Jones had 1 known son:

  1. Thomas Jones was baptised on 13 March 1707/8 in Hellingly, Sussex.  His father was of Arlington and his mother of Hellingly at the time of his baptism.


Timeline for Andrew Back:

1663 December 11 - baptised in Folkington

1680 April 1 - father buried in Folkington

1686 November 9 - possible elder brother marries in Arlington

1687 November - possible nephew baptised and buried in Folkington

1689 June 11 - marries Barbara Fuller in Arlington, at which time he was of Folkington and she of Arlington

1691 September 26 - son baptised in Folkington

1694 June 6 - son baptised in Arlington

1696 December 6 - son baptised in Arlington

1697 April 5 - mother buried in Folkington

1698 December 12 - daughter baptised in Arlington

1702 December 4 - in occupation of lands in Arlington and Hailsham (as per will of Sir William Thomas (1641-1706), 1st baronet of Folkington)

1705 May 6 - possible sister in law buried in Folkington

1708 March 13 - illegitimate son baptised in Hellingly

1711 May 21 - Andrew was described as late, i.e. deceased


Sir William Thomas was a member of parliament for Seaford from 1661.  Andrew's father was baptised in Seaford in 1630 and was of Folkington by 1662.  Might the Back family have been employed by the Thomas family and moved with them from Seaford to Folkington, and then onto lands owned by the Thomas family in Arlington?  Sir William's father bought Folkington Manor in 1652.  Sir William died without issue and Folkington Manor was inherited by his nephew William Dobell (?-1752) in 1707.  I think William Dobell was the son of Walter Dobell and Mary Stapley (1659-?).  Mary was the daughter of John Stapley (1628-1701) and Mary Springett (1634-1701) and she was the sister of Barbara Springett (1647-1697) who married Sir William Thomas, therefore, William Dobell was the great nephew of Sir William Thomas.



The following was probably the widow Bodle who was in occupation of lands after Andrew.

Edward Bodle and Jane Alchorne married by licence dated 21 May 1698 and issued by the Archdeaconry of Lewes.  He was then of Haylsham and she a spinster of Arlington.  Surety for the licence was provided by Edward himself and John Hunkley of Lewes.  The marriage was said to have taken place in Arlington.

Edward Bodle was buried on 29 November 1717 in Hailsham.

Edward and Jane had the following children:

  1. Edward Bodle was baptised on 26 May 1699 in Hailsham and buried there on 25 April 1706.

  2. Elizabeth Bodle was baptised on 27 May 1701 in Hailsham.

  3. Mary Bodle was baptised on 17 April 1703 in Hailsham.  She may have married John Mills on 28 January 1724/5 in Hailsham.

  4. Sarah Bodle was baptised on 30 December 1705 in Hailsham.

  5. Ann Bodle was baptised on 10 September 1710 in Hailsham.  She may have married Offington Banks on 10 February 1734/5 at St. Michael's in Lewes.  He was then of West Firle and she of Arlington.


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