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Pedigree of Violet Lucy GATHERN



b: 1840 Bengeo, Hertfordshire
d: ?
m: 1864 Southwick, Sussex


Albert Thomas GATHERN

b: 1867 Southwick, Sussex
d: ?
m: 1892 Portslade, Sussex

  Next generation not there yet

Charlotte HEMSLEY
b: 1843 Brighton, Sussex
d: ?


David William GATHERN
b: 1895 Portslade, Sussex

d: 1953 Southwick, Sussex
m: 1919 Worthing, Sussex

            Next generation not there yet

b: 1839 East Dean, East Sussex
d: 1896 Portslade, Sussex
m: 1859 Hove, Sussex


Eliza Caroline AKEHURST
b: 1873 Portslade, Sussex
d: ?

  Next generation not there yet

b: 1840 Portslade, Sussex
d: ?


Violet Lucy GATHERN
b: 1928 Southwick, Sussex

d: 1999 Southwick, Sussex
m: 1952 Southwick, Sussex to Den Tullett

              Next generation not there yet

b: 1804 Horley, Surrey
d: ?
m: ?

Next generation not there yet

b: 1848 Crowhurst, Surrey
d: 1909
m: 1875 West Tarring, Sussex


b: ?
d: ?

Next generation not there yet

Violet Beatrice BASHFORD
b: 1894 Worthing, Sussex

d: 1968 Southwick, Sussex


Reuben GUILE
b: 1827 Broadwater, Sussex
d: ?
m: 1850 Worthing, Sussex

Next generation not there yet

b: 1853 Heene, Sussex
d: ?


b: 1822 Bolney, Sussex
d: ?

Next generation not there yet

Den Tullett is my Mum's brother.  Both Vi and Den descend from Thomas Lillyot (c1705-1765) and Bridget Purvey (1709-1778) - Vi from their son John Lillyot (1737-?) and Den from their son Samuel Lillyot (1748-1817).

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07 April 2012