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Mandy Willard

All my known ancestors were from England and most from the county of Sussex, which is my main area of interest.  I also have some from Berkshire and Essex, and some that hopped over the Sussex border from Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

I am Mandy Willard and I live in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, England.


Good luck with your own research




How this web site came about

In March 1992 my Aunt Ivy Nicolson, nee Willard died.  She was a widow with no children and so my Dad and his younger sister and brother and myself sorted through her things.  We found a photograph dated 1892 and taken by a Tunbridge Wells photographer.  Dad and his siblings remembered their Granny Warman had come from Wadhurst and it was assumed the photo was of her with her mother, younger sister and 2 brothers (later confirmed).  But what was her name and that of her mother? ...  And so I was hooked.

Within a year I'd discovered the GRO indexes and spent a fortune on travelling up to London buying certificates.  I'd also found my way to the West Sussex Record Office at Chichester and a very kind archivist there got me started and was so very helpful - I'm afraid I don't know his name (he retired in about 1996/7).  I also visited the East Sussex Record Office at Lewes, but that wasn't then very "user friendly".  I was also very lucky in that at the time we lived in Durrington and nearby Worthing Library held a copy of the IGI on microfiche and lots of other bits and pieces to help on my ancestor hunt.  I also joined the Sussex Family History Group.

In 1995 we moved to Bexhill.  Chichester then became a bit too far and so the Lewes RO became my second home.

We'd had a home computer since 1989, but it wasn't until January 2001 that we got internet access at home.  Soon after I made contact with my Mum's cousin, John Machin, in New Zealand and he suggested I download Legacy, which was and still is free for their standard version.  I then spent ages inputting all my findings and considered creating a web site using one of the Legacy templates.

At about the same time I discovered Malcolm Hupman's wonderful web site, which he had created from scratch using MS Publisher.  As I also had Publisher, I decided that I too would create a web site that way and Malcolm gave me much help and instruction, resulting in my first web site being uploaded to the web in May 2002, hosted for free at RootsWeb.

So why did I decide against a Legacy created web site?  Well, for me, I found the templates to restrictive.  By creating a web site with Publisher I was able to put in hyperlinks where ever I wanted and create my own layout.

Once my Publisher web site grew to about 400 pages it started to become unmanageable and took about two hours to upload to the web.  In early 2005 I bought MS FrontPage - I did consider Dreamweaver, but that was twice the price.

FrontPage requires the host server to have FrontPage extensions (not always necessary), which RootsWeb didn't.  I then found free space at Lycos, but it wasn't long before I had out grown the available space and so made the move to FastHosts (costing me about 50 per year) and got my domain name.

It took months teaching myself how to use FrontPage and in January 2008 I upgraded the software to Expression Web, and so yet another learning curve!

So what's the future of this web site?  Hopefully a long one.  As and when time permits I will keep on amending and adding to the content.  If you've all ready browsed my site, you may have found that I don't just stick to my own direct ancestral line, as I enjoy finding all the little convoluted links between the families.  I consider my web site to be a giant scrapbook.  Some bits have been very thoroughly researched, whilst others are just a collection of names and dates from the IGI, awaiting the day when I have more time to give them further consideration.  I'm sure there are many errors and wrong assumptions, so please don't take what you find within this site as gospel.  Please, please, please, check all the data for yourself against original records.


Best wishes to you all,